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Getting back into Radio


After 15 or more years of hiatus from ham radio I have decided to rekindle this past-time.  This of course means at least two new websites must go up.

  • VE3CNU is a blog that will chronicle the setting up of the station.
  • Hamatrix is a video script to showcase ham radio related youtube videos like these two

IC 725

The Hustler 5BTV Antenna

I might even have to launch more sites, after all, I have to pay for all these toys!!

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Large Hadron Collider RAP


RevenueSource forums for Affiliates, SEO


There’s a new forum on the Internet in the SEO, marketing, internet advertising, and affiliate promotion arena called RevenueSource at Affiliate Marketing Forums – Revenue Source.

I took a look and in the short time they’ve been in existence, they’ve attracted 800+ members.

Along with the likes of Earners Forum and WickedFire, RevenueSource allows members to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Registration I found was fast, simple and membership is absolutely free.

Forums are divided into logical groups but there aren’t so many that you don’t know where to start. The rules aren’t so strict that you can’t post links, but you don’t want to go spamming them or you’ll get tossed. They have a goofing-around forum which is good, as these are sometimes the best places to get those precious nuggets of information you never knew.

One forum I’d like to see added is one for newbies specifically. Joining a new forum can sometimes seem a little frightening. I’ve been to some other forums where one mis-step and you get trounced by the clique.

All in all, looks like a promising place to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing and all that you need to know that goes along with that.

Good luck guys!!