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Black’s Camera photo printing


I had an interesting thing happen at the Black’s Photo in the Burlington Mall today. I was recently in Nova Scotia and got some really nice landscape photos; good enough that I want to print large and mount in my home. So I copied these photos to my USB stick and off I went to Blacks.

So I stepped up to one of their little kiosks and began my order. The kiosk work ok I guess, except the touch screen was clearly designed for people with ground straps on their wrists. The thing would only work if I grounded myself to the case of the CPU with my other hand.  Something most people wouldn’t even think to try, but I digress.

I got my order in and waited patiently for my prints. I just wanted test shots so see the quality of the output so I ordered 5×7 prints.

I got my photos in a nice little box (over packaging). I paid the man and began opening the box to see the photos. Well, one of the shots had a huge red shmeer right in the middle of it, totally ruining the print. My eyes popped! I showed this to my wife and then the clerk in the Blacks store. Would you believe he had no reaction at all? A big pregnant pause. Then he spoke. He said: “oh, the printer broke today”. Another huge gap of silence.

He obviously thought I should be satisfied that I got a boxed set of pieces of paper with colours on them.

Finally, he spoke up and said “I can refund you 36 cents if you want”. What do you think photo person? I certainly wouldn’t want to inconvenience you, I should be happy you even served me, right?

Blacks is now a part of the Astral group.

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